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To Reduce 70% Of Carbonfoot prints by 2030 and live in pollution free enviroment


To give sustanible pollution reduction solution to the nation and able to make pollution free enviroment

What We Build

Choose from more than 80,000 daily rides across India

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Your pick of rides at low prices

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Making commute to work more economical and hassle-free for the residents

  • Reduced exposure as employees travel to and from work with colleagues
  • Employees enjoy the benefits of ridesharing and arrive fresh to work without having to take public transport
  • Reduced efforts in route optimization and seat planning in other modes of commute
  • Corporates can choose either prepaid or postpaid models
  • Both corporates and employees save money on employee transport and fuel
  • Convenient pickup and drop points for employees

Save money and reduce wear and tear on your car

Save time by sharing the ride with other commuters

Have a place to relax or catch up on work

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our solutions

It’s easy to get started!

. Find the perfect ride with one of our many ride-matching services

2. Sign up for a free account with Humsafar and pick your seat

3. Start riding with your commute buddies and save money, time, and the environment!

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Why Humsafer?

Humsafar works with the business community to promote and provide tools and resources for commuters. We offer various resources to help commuters find the perfect ride to work. Humsafer rideshare programs have helped thousands of commuters find the perfect ride to work.

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